Yesterday (May 9) was graduation for Missouri Western State University, it was great to share the experience with several friends and family members. The day started out emotionally as I drove past a couple of schools I had previously attended. However, joy soon arrived as I met my friends at the basketball gym to celebrate us finally finishing the 4 (or more) year degree, known to the world as a bachelor’s degree. I received my degree as a B.S. in Business Administration with a major in Accounting. I have come to gain the appreciation more and more in recent years that accomplishments are accomplishments not based on what you have done, but how you have grown with a group, now called friends. Friends, family, former coworkers, and professors are such a blessing and I realize that they have been vitally important in allowing me to be where I am today.

Today (May 10) is the day for heading to Amsterdam with my Global Viewpoints class, from Missouri Western State University. Several of us are running on fumes from the busy times surrounding finals, graduation, and preparing for this trip. It has created several lovely quotes already and this trip is sure to be an interesting experience with all these great students. I helped check part of our group in and the machine broke, starting things off well! I look forward to keeping you all notified about how the trip progresses and I will post a few pictures during the trip. (There will be several more after I get because I plan to primarily take photos with a camera and I have no way of uploading them until I get back)

Today also serves as Mother’s Day. I would like to thank my mom for all the help she has been throughout the years. There have been several late nights of packing, preparing for school projects, and talking about life. I am grateful for her everyday and would like to thank her for always being there when I need her.

Your friend (from a flight from Kansas City, MO to Newark, NJ),

P.S. This was submitted at Amsterdam’s airport.