Today (May 20) the Missouri Western State University Global Viewpoints class went to a brilliant technology company that serves as a software provider for many companies you frequent daily. The buildings on their campus are beautiful and amazingly functional, to provide a town like atmosphere for their approximately 10,000 employees on this campus. Every employee I met there was extremely nice and helpful. However, when you get to a technology company you would expect perfection in their software, or at least claimed perfection.

When we arrived the company had a replica assembly line, to demonstrate how their software benefits assembly lines. What was ironic was that their wifi was not configuring with the demonstration assembly line. Further, in the mock-up assembly line there was a camera that has the sole purpose of watching out for computer-made errors in the production process. A technology company with errors is something that we are all used to, a technology company that plans for errors in their processes: surprising. That is until I realized their wisdom, the company realizes that their will be errors and proactively takes steps to fix those.

A popular way of getting through life is acting like there are no problems. We constantly say that we are doing good or well when asked “how are you?” because nothing else deserves being mentioned. What this company is great at is realizing even a nearly perfect machine in an ideal setting will face problems, they realize that and have a plan for solutions. It is important in our lives to realize we have needs that we cannot meet on our own. I recommend you take a few moments to see if you have any people in your life who are there watching out for you, who will point you in the proper way in your time of need after things have went wrong. Planning for difficulties, especially major ones, is something difficult; however, it is a true sign of wisdom and strength. If you do, say thanks to them the next time you see them. If not, ask someone you know for a little assistance, because you realize they have wisdom and help that you will need in your life sooner than you might like to admit.

Your friend,

(P.S. the wifi at our hotels, and in the cities as a whole, has been hit and miss so I will post more pictures asap)