Now that I am back in the States (that is until I head out towards Canada for the Women’s World Cup, go USA and England!) I am going to transition this blog into a more standardized schedule.

  • Mondays I will discuss a situation relating to the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. These posts will primarily revolve around economic, political, ethical, or refugee news. This is the area I will be studying at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. Later in the post I will go into greater detail about how this relates to my course work and master’s thesis.
  • Wednesdays I will do a book review or a discussion of world news. I will also attempt to tie in how the topic relates to my current or future formal studies.
  • Fridays I will give a link to an outside form of media (a blog, podcast, or book) that relates to a topic discussed earlier that week. Eventually, I would like to have guests post their opinions on current issues in the Middle East or international business.
  • Saturdays I will give an update on my personal life and share how my training for a marathon has been going. This post will also consist of photos from my summer holidays or time in London or a discussion of the life as a foreign student.

I am going to be doing a Master’s of Science in International Management for the Middle East and North Africa at the University of London. I will leave early September for London and my course work will start in the middle of September. The program lasts twelve months, in which I will have six courses over two semesters and write a thesis. (

The course work is comprised of learning about business and economic factors, in relation to the MENA region. I look forward to applying the foundations of business I learned at Missouri Western State University to specialized situations in the Middle East. Further, I will learn how to perform academic research. This is an area I am both excited and nervous about. I have learned the basics of statistics from Missouri Western, so I know the rigor that is involved in arriving at a valid research paper and maintaining proper sample selection.

My thesis will be on the change in economic situation of refugees from the Middle East who have been affected by the recent dynamic sociopolitical environment occurring in several nations in the Middle East. The exact group of refugees I will be working with has yet to be determined. However, I intend on doing my research on site with the refugees to gain a thorough perspective on what the life of the refugees is truly like. I  proposed this research topic in my application to SOAS and I will further refine it as I work with my academic advisor. The idea for this topic came about when I was overseas visiting some friends and I experienced the vast number of refugees there who were in significant economic distress. As I find out more information in regards to my thesis I will pass it on to you.

Your friend,