This week has been a week full of learning and soccer. I have ventured up into Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Winnipeg is where the United States have played their first two Women’s World Cup games. Winnipeg has hosted several nations and it has been exciting to interact with several cultures, from Nigeria to Australia, each with their own way of supporting their country. Additionally, I have learned more about the Manitoba area through various museums.

The Women’s World Cup contains the excitement of soccer, various cultures, and travel. The soccer games have been thrilling, from watching a three to three draw between Nigeria and Sweden on Monday. Friday was nerve-racking with watching the USA and Sweden play out a zero to zero draw where there were many near goals, including a Swedish player hitting the ball off of the crossbar in the final minutes. The Nigerian supporters have brought various instruments and play loudly throughout the match compared to the Australian contingency bringing inflatable kangaroos and chanting to motivate the Socceroos. Winnipeg’s stadium has a variety of international foods to sample; including Filipino, Mediterranean, Mexican, Canadian, barbeque, and standard stadium fare.

The museums in Winnipeg are extremely well done and worth visiting, if you are ever in the area. One of the best museums I have ever been to is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The museum begins by showing the history of human rights and how different religions have applied human rights. Next, they discuss Canada’s history in human rights, which is notably different than America with many of the rights guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights being provided in the 1800-1900’s. Additionally, Saturday we went to the Museum of Winnipeg that shows how the area of Winnipeg has changed throughout history. Finally, we went to the Museum and Cathedral of Saint Boniface, where the history of European settlement in Manitoba is described. The cathedral is located in the beautiful French section of Winnipeg.

I have appreciated the opportunity to visit Winnipeg and interact with all the different cultures because of the unifying sport the world knows as soccer/football. I would recommend any sporting fan try to come to a FIFA World Cup to experience the different cultures, the variety of methods supporters use to cheer on their nation, and enjoy the high quality of soccer/ football. You get the opportunity to interact with the World on top of visiting a country that is new to you.

This week in running:

This week has possibly been the most exciting week of my running career. Last Sunday I ran 8 miles and during the run in Fargo, North Dakota I had the experience of running fast enough to get my speed registered near a construction area alongside the rode I was running on. During that same run I got to run by two lakes and three state-of-the-art schools. On Tuesday night, in Winnipeg, I was running 3 miles and during the middle of my third mile a little girl, probably 6 years old, ran with me for about a tenth of a mile. We high-fived as I departed for the rest of my run and she returned to her house. On Wednesday evening I ran 5 miles, during which I got to see a beautiful golf course and a family enjoying a picnic while their children running around as they enjoyed the excellent weather.

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