This week I have had a combination of visiting both modern technological centers and beautiful natural parks. When traveling it is always interesting to see how the people determine the best use of their land. People must evaluate different scenarios; such as if it is better to have an expansive mall that will bring in people to spend their money or preserving the history or nature around them.

I have discovered the value of having space that is maintained and enjoyed. That can be in sustaining historic sights or ensuring that forests and wild lands do not get encroached upon. I enjoyed my time at Elk Island National Park and Prince Albert National Park. I look forward to visiting other beautiful parks as I go throughout my life, to have time to experience nature as the land has always been seen. The ability to relax and interact in nature is a blessing and helps when trying to focus on the important things in life.

Additionally, I enjoyed the fun time of visiting Edmonton’s West Edmonton Mall. An infrastructure with a pirate ship, water park, 2 mini golf courses, 2 roller coasters in their theme park, ice rink, a sea lion show, a miniature replica of a Ugandan village, gun range, and loads of restaurants and shops. It was fun to walk around and see all the variety of international stores and restaurants in the mall. To be able to visit such an amazing place as this should encourage us to use the abilities we have to continue to care for the world around us. This great skill and technology could take the format of shopping centers or as constructing areas to ensure that people are well cared for after natural disasters.

It has been a great week of travel throughout Canada. I am looking forward to watching the USA play Columbia tomorrow in Edmonton. I am planning on posting pictures of my time in the two national parks, the West Edmonton Mall, and the USA round of 16 game tomorrow (if I can make time to go to an internet cafe after the game because the hotel’s internet is iffy).


I have only gone jogging a couple of times this week, with all the moving around city to city. The weather has been great so I regret not going more often. Hopefully I will be able to find time during the mornings or evenings next week as I head towards Ottawa on Tuesday for the quarterfinals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Your friend,