Yesterday I arrived home after an interesting month of following the USA Women’s National Team throughout Canada, going to 6 of the 7 games. It has been a month of travel, over 11,000 miles of driving. A month full of tension, with many emotional ups and downs. The downs started immediately because the US team started poorly against Australia; however, the US began to escalate their playing level quickly and easily progressed through the “group of death”. The game against Germany I felt a higher level of tension than when I had to present a business plan in a speech that consisted of half the grade for a class. When Germany missed their penalty kick the tide seemed to turn, with destiny seeming to indicate that the US would win the game and advance to the World Cup Final. The game ended in a convincing 2-0 win over the then number one ranked team in soccer. Finally, the World Cup Final was a novel experience with the goals raining down quickly and a party like atmosphere forming amongst the crowd. The loud cheers after the first USA goal become sheer disbelief that the shadow of the ‘99ers had finally been diminished with a 5-2 win over Japan.

Getting to experience the World Cup was like nothing else I know. I enjoyed seeing all of the cultures interacting in one unified space over a unified cause, watching the beautiful game. Furthermore, it was great to see the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (https://humanrights.ca) in Winnipeg. Finally, interacting with the various cultures, beautiful architecture, and histories of cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, Toronto, and Ottawa. Canada was a lovely time and I would be happy to share more about the experience if you have any questions.

Your friend,


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P.S. Finally, I would like to apologize for my inconsistency in blogging while in Canada. I anticipate writing on the basis I had previously outlined.

P.P.S. I have more photos, if you want some from a particular game I would be happy to email them to you.