My first Chelsea game at Stamford Bridge occurred this past Wednesday as I watched Chelsea FC take on Maccbi Tel-Aviv FC. As an overseas Chelsea supporter it feels like an online long-distance dating relationship where you finally meet and everything went perfectly. The environment was both exciting and tense. Would Chelsea FC break their recent form and be able to win or would the dread of being near the bottom of the Barclay’s Premier League begin to mirror a spot in the bottom of our UEFA Champions’ League group?

The trip to the Bridge began with a Tube ride down to Fulham Broadway, from central London. The excited crowds began to fill the subway cars as the distance near the famous Chelsea FC waned. Arrival meant my mother and I buying a Chelsea FC scarf, to adorn as we made our way to our seats in Mathew Harding Lower. The streets between the Tube stop and the entrance are full of different food stands, all with unique offerings (beef burgers, fish, meat pies, etcetera). We scanned the tickets outside the stadium and the journey was complete.

The football started out tense as Eden Hazard missed an early penalty. However, joy was abundant after Willian scored a brilliant goal, which was followed up by one each for Oscar, Costa, and Fabregas. The singing in Matthew Harding was brilliant and I enjoyed being a voice in the chorus heard every week on television throughout the world. My Chelsea related pilgrimage had been complete.

As a student who moved from the United States to London, England, it is a great joy to share a place in this city with my beloved Chelsea FC. A trip to Stamford Bridge will be of no disappointment to any Chelsea supporter as you become surrounded with 42,000 of your fellow friends. Seeing Chelsea FC in person in the past has always been an amazing experience; however, seeing them at the famed Stamford Bridge is what makes any Blue feel at home.